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Ad specs

MMIM Markt und Messe Internationale Medien GmbH
Eugen-Kaiser-Straße 7
D-63450 Hanau
Phone: 0 61 81 / 3003-214
Fax: 0 61 81 / 3003-104

Media: CD/DVD-ROM.Please label , if for PC or MAC!

File formats PC: (limited to version no.): Photoshop 8, QuarkXPress 6.5, Corel Draw 12.0, Illustrator 11, Acrobat 7.0.0.

File formats MAC (bis Version Nr.): Photoshop 6.0, QuarkXPress 6.1, FreeHand 10, Illustrator 9.0,  Acrobat 5.

Ads, logos, text and graphics: To achieve the best printing quality please do NOT send ads and logos as .tiff or .jpeg. All elements of the ad – text, logos, fonts, graphics – have to be designed as vector graphics or have to be saved in curves/paths. If the customer delivers the correct font – or if we are allowed to use an alternative font – texts can also be delivered as original files.

Pictures (photographs): Please save all pictures either as .tif of .eps and deliver them to us. For a faultless printing quality your pictures (.tif) need a resolution of 300 dpi and the embedded colour profile ISOnewspaper26v4.icc. Please provide .bmp files with a resolution of 1200 dpi.

Fonts: Please transform all fonts in Corel, FreeHand or Illustrator into vectors (paths) and export them as a QuarkXPress-eps. Alternatively, please provide the open file with all elements including the font.

Colours: Please define PDF and all other data generally as s/w or CMYK. Do not use RGB, HKS, Pantone, RAL, indexed colours or Duplex. Use no more than 240 % colour portion .

PDF files: When creating pdf files please follow strictly the instructions for ‘Print in CMYK’. Otherwise we cannot offer any reliability for the correct print.

Cover printing: 300 dpi-files for heatset

Final pre-press production: in QuarkXPress (PC version)

Proof: Always provide a paper printed copy of your ad! When printing in colour please provide a proof on newspaper paper if available.

E-Mail: – Please send all data including fonts grouped into orders. Very large files can get zipped (up to WIN ZIP 9 and Stuffit 9 zip/exe/sit/sitx/sea , please pack mac files twice) or send individually. Please label what file types you are sending and if they are for PC- or MAC. Also provide in the subject field the file name with reference to your company name and trade fair you are advertising for.

Printing area: width: 203 mm x height: 287 mm, 5 columns (each 37 mm) . Ads in bleed cannot be realised due to printing process restrictions.

Advertising Agency: If an advertising agency will deliver the data on your behalf please provide them this checklist. Thank you!

Screen: We are printing with a 54 screen on newspaper paper. 


MMIM Markt und Messe Internationale Medien GmbH

Registered Office Hanau • Sales Office Hanau • General Manager: Hans-Günter Werner

Tel. 0 61 81 - 30 03-0 • Fax 0 61 81 - 30 03-100